That’s just my personal experience. I’m still well into taking bullshit classes classes phase of my college years. If you take classes that pertain to your major or you don’t mind as much and I guarantee you won’t have such an awful time.

 I just have a really hard time dealing with communications and social sciences  because they suck and I pretty much know everything because of high school.

I just have to remind myself not to let the shittier parts about the educational system dissuade me from benefiting from the good parts.

I really don’t think I’ll outlive this semester.

This last month has been an eternity. I’ve done nothing but write papers every single mother fucking day of my life. Summer is halfway over and haven’t got to enjoy a single bit of it and my break is only a week.

I don’t know if I want this kind of life. We’ll see if this next semester is any better for me.


Me: “i cant come over today im busy”

Friend: "what are you busy with"









I fuck with this heavily

This is hard af.

The Orwells Halloween All Year
The Orwells
Halloween All Year
Melody's Echo Chamber Some Time Alone, Alone
Melody's Echo Chamber
Some Time Alone, Alone

In my house there’s a picture of my father who dressed up as a cheerleader with a real cheer squad uniform that didn’t fit him for one of his high school’s football games. He did it because he quit the football team his senior year due to shitty politics of the team and decided to piss off the football squad by cheering like a cheerleader.

He is me, and I am him. Except I never had the balls in high school to pull something like that off. Nowadays he’s a hardened fire captain who I can never see doing something like that ever again, but it’s nice to know that deep down we’re cut from the same cloth.


Text this so that your “hey” isn’t so boring

Or if you’re tryna get fucked right this very instant

This site needs less pseudo-progressive values and more black metal songs about anal bleeding.

I would pay money to play as Niko fighting like Snake.